Hazelnut Coffee

(6 customer reviews)


Submit to the enticing, Frangelica-like aroma of this creamy, full-bodied brew.

Roast Color: Medium
Size: 12 oz

SKU: 0315

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6 reviews for Hazelnut Coffee

  1. I first discovered this brand/flavor at stop in shop and I fell in love!!! Omar coffee is the only brand I keep in my house now!

  2. (verified buyer)

    I had this coffee and loved it when I visited our daughter in CT and now order it online from Omar. Great coffee and great company to order from.

  3. Love this coffee. I wish I could get a pound

  4. (verified buyer)

    This is the tastiest coffee.

  5. (verified buyer)

    This coffee is so rich, fresh, and flavorful. I will not buy any other coffee anymore, and I really enjoy selecting different and new flavors when I order my coffee. I am never disappointed, and I highly recommend this product to others. When my parents visit, I have to make them multiple cups!

  6. Absolutely love this coffee!

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