French Roast Coffee

(5 customer reviews)


Roasted dark and to perfection, this wonderfully rich blend of Eastern African and South American Coffees has a smooth yet lively flavor.

Roast Color: Dark
Size: 12 oz

SKU: 0112

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5 reviews for French Roast Coffee

  1. Favorite hands down! Nice strong coffee flavor. Wonderful aroma.

  2. good

  3. (verified buyer)

    Will drink no other coffee. Omar French Roast is the best.

  4. (verified buyer)

    Omar’s best coffee – except it creates a terrible static electric mess – I mix a small amount of chocolate almond coffee to the grind and it cuts the amount of static by 90% manageable mess.

  5. (verified buyer)

    My favorite. Omar French Roast, is the best way to start my day!

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