Butter Rum Coffee

(3 customer reviews)


Enjoy the taste of rum with rich, buttery dairy notes.

Roast Color: Medium
Size: 12 oz

SKU: 0304

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3 reviews for Butter Rum Coffee

  1. (verified buyer)

    The butter rum flavor is mild, the smell of the grounds themselves is stronger than the brewed results from my experience. You could drink this every day without being overwhelmed or tired of the taste and it sweetens up nicely with your milk/sugar of choice.

  2. Ok Ok you can’t make this type of stuff up 1998 I’m working in Hartford Connecticut just manager add an outlet that serves breakfast and lunch Omar was one of my Distributors and for breakfast we had like 25 Sabres of coffee Butter Rum was a signature coffee and that was the best coffee I have ever tasted so far in my life and I haven’t had a cup since 1999 I live in Atlantic City New Jersey and I will be ordering some next week thank you

  3. (verified buyer)

    I love Omar’s however this wasn’t the butter rum I was expecting. I double checked as I thought maybe it was a mild vs medium but no. I didn’t feel it had any special taste.

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