Breakfast Blend Coffee

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Originated in 1937, this delightful blend of South American coffees has been satisfying Omar Coffee drinkers for years. A great morning brew.

Roast Color: Medium
Size: 12 oz

SKU: 0111

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8 reviews for Breakfast Blend Coffee

  1. I love Omar coffee. I get it from Tony’s every day! My boyfriend also loves it, and is currently deployed so this breakfast blend is headed overseas! Thank you Omar for being so delicious!

  2. (verified buyer)

    I loved the coffee when we had it at our local breakfast restaurant. However, I just received my order of 6 and found that this grind does not work in the Keurig refillable K-cups. The grind is way too fine. It doesn’t allow the water to filter through . I ran ran water through twice to see if that would help. I did not see anywhere on the website that this was not recommended for the Keurig. I only opened the one 12 oz. bag, so now I guess I am stuck with this?

    • Hi Marlaine, we’re so sorry to hear about your issue with these single serve cups. Please reach out to us with your order number and we can assist you with starting a return

  3. (verified buyer)

    Love this coffee! Found it to have a higher-pH 5.30, with tap water. This is great as I need to drink low acid liquids. I would love to taste other blends if I knew if they were low acid regular coffee. I use ground and usually make at least 2 pots daily, for three people.

  4. You people donated coffee to a Chicopee MA open pantry (AKA) soup kitchen, I thought it was great tasting and had very powerful coffin strength, the only coffee I used to like was Dunkin Donuts now I have two coffees I like, thank you, Steven

  5. (verified buyer)

    I finally asked what brand of coffee they use at our favorite diner because we just couldn’t get enough every time we went. Went online and ordered 5 bags and boy was my family happy. My husband called it crack coffee because it’s so addictive. My only complaint is the new bags you switched to are impossible to open unless you cut them thus losing the ability to reseal them with the fold over tabs. I just fought with it and ended up losing a third of the bag to the kitchen floor when it there a trick to easy opening.?

  6. I had it at zips very good love it

  7. (verified buyer)


  8. (verified buyer)

    Omar’s is great coffee–especially the breakfast blend.

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