Amaretto Coffee

(5 customer reviews)


A classic liqueur flavor makes this smooth coffee the perfect after-dinner drink.

Roast Color: Medium
Size: 12 oz

SKU: 0301

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5 reviews for Amaretto Coffee

  1. (verified buyer)

    Amazing!!! Omar has the BEST flavored coffee!

    • We are so glad you enjoy it! Thanks Fran!

  2. My daughter had some of your coffee and I just love it so now I got to have it.

  3. (verified buyer)

    Best flavored brewed coffee I ever had.

  4. I loveyou OMAR!!!Thank you for one of the best coffees I EVERRR had.I enjoy it in the restaurants alot as well.😍I can’t get enough!!!

  5. Question: What are the additives-? sugar and other ingredients? I love amaretto flavoring but also have diabetes. Would be grateful for your response.

    • Ginny, we use artificial flavor oils to add flavoring to our coffees. There is no discernible amount of sugar since such a small amount is used in each batch.

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