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All Omar Flavored Coffee is available Regular or Decaf, Whole Bean or Ground.

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How Flavored Coffee Is Made

What type of beans are used in your flavored coffee?
For our coffee blends, including our flavored coffee varieties, Omar uses the highest quality Arabica beans, imported from more than 20 regions around the world. Before every purchase, we analyze beans for aroma, acidity, flavor, and balance—ensuring that your coffee is consistent every time.

How is your flavored coffee made?
After the beans are slow-roasted at our headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, we add non-nutritive flavor additives to create our flavored coffees. These flavorings contain artificial flavors with no discernible sugars. We use only vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free flavorings so that our coffees can stay that way, too!

(One exception: our Cinnamon Sticky Bun coffee, which is sometimes offered as a flavor of the month, is NOT vegan.)

What level roast is your flavored coffee?
All beans used for our flavored coffee varieties are medium roast.

Omar’s Flavored Coffee Options

Is your flavored coffee available in decaf?
Yes! All of Omar’s flavored coffee varieties are available in both regular and decaf. Select which option you’d like when adding a bag to your online cart.

Is your flavored coffee ground or whole bean?
All of Omar’s flavored coffee varieties are available in both whole bean and ground. Select which option you’d like when adding a bag to your online cart.

What grind is your pre-ground flavored coffee?
To ensure the most balanced flavor and strength, we use a medium grind for our ground flavored coffee. Want something different? No problem—just tell us what grind you prefer in the note area during checkout (on the “Shipping” screen).

Is your flavored coffee available in K-cups?
Several of our flavored coffee varieties are now available in single-serve K-cups. Each box contains 12 pods, which makes this a great way to find your new favorite flavored coffee!

How often are new varieties added to Omar’s flavored coffee lineup?
Each month we offer an exclusive flavor, and occasionally our customers’ favorites will get brought into our year-round offerings. So be sure to let us know which ones you love by leaving a review here on our website!

I don’t see my favorite coffee flavor listed anymore! Where’d it go?
Some flavored coffee varieties are only released seasonally, such as Pumpkin Spice and Winter Spice. In addition, our “Flavor of the Month” coffees are only available for one month each—so take advantage of them while you can! (Check out our Flavors of the Month page to see this year’s lineup, and join our email list to make sure you never miss them.)

Brewing Flavored Coffee at Home

What type of brewer is best for making your ground flavored coffee?
Use whichever brewer you prefer—the only limit is your imagination! While auto drip machines are most common in the U.S., customers tell us they love brewing our flavored coffee in French presses, percolators, and more. Whether it’s a commercial machine at the office, a drip pot in your kitchen, or a pour-over brewer while camping in the woods, our flavored coffee is the perfect match for your daily routine.

Need a fine or coarse grind for the brewer you’re using? Just let us know what grind you prefer in the note area during checkout (on the “Shipping” screen).

Can I use your flavored coffee in an espresso machine?
Yes. However, espresso grounds should be very fine, resembling the texture of table salt. If you plan to use our flavored coffee for espresso, we recommend purchasing whole bean coffee so that you can finely grind it just before brewing for the best results. If you are purchasing ground coffee, just request an espresso grind in the note area during checkout (on the “Shipping” screen).

Can I use your flavored coffee to make cold brew coffee?
Our flavored coffee is not recommended for cold brew. Without hot water in the brewing process, the flavor does not fully develop. The best way to flavor cold brew coffee is by adding a flavor shot after brewing.

When grinding Omar’s whole bean flavored coffee at home, what grind is best?
Generally, we recommend a medium grind, as this will produce a balanced cup of flavored coffee on a range of brewing equipment, including drip machines and pour-over brewers. However, if you’re using a percolator or French press, you’ll want a coarser grind.

How much flavored coffee should I use to brew a pot?
We recommend using 1 rounded tablespoon of ground flavored coffee for every 5-6 ounces of water, but you can adjust this ratio to suit your taste preferences.

What’s the best water temperature for brewing a pot of flavored coffee?
We recommend a water temperature of 195°-205° F. Cooler water will result in weaker flavor, while hotter water can give your coffee a harsher taste.

How can I make the flavored coffee I brew at home taste even better?
Coffee is full of natural compounds which give it that aroma we instantly recognize and that taste we love. To brew the best cup of flavored coffee possible, the rules are simple:

  • Most importantly, buy the freshest coffee available and store it properly to keep it that way.
  • For whole bean coffee, grind it just before brewing, not in advance.
  • Know your coffee brewer and adjust the coarseness of your grind to match it.
  • Keep your brewing equipment clean, and always clean the pot out between uses.
  • Brew only with cold filtered water that tastes good on its own—even great coffee beans can’t make up for foul-tasting water.
  • Use the correct proportions of ground coffee and water. You may want to experiment with different amounts to find your personal “sweet spot.”

Storing Flavored Coffee at Home

How should I store my flavored coffee to keep it fresh?
Store your flavored coffee in a cool, dry place, such as in a pantry. Choose an air-tight container that is opaque if possible, and keep it away from direct light. To store a sealed bag of coffee beans long-term (up to one month), you can place it in the freezer. However, coffee should not be stored in the refrigerator, where it can absorb odors from other foods.

What’s the shelf life of my flavored coffee?
When properly stored, all coffee (including our flavored coffee) has about a two-year shelf life. The fresher your coffee is, the more flavorful and aromatic it will be!

Flavored Coffee Nutrition & Certifications

How many calories are in Omar flavored coffee?
All of our flavored coffee varieties have 1-5 calories per cup, just like unflavored coffee. This calorie count does not include any cream or sweetener you may add.

Is sugar or sweetener added to any of your flavored coffee varieties?
No. The flavorings used to create our flavored coffees are free of sugar and sweeteners.

Is your flavored coffee organic and/or Fair Trade?
Omar does not currently offer any flavored coffee varieties that are organic or Fair Trade certified. Check out our Sustainable Coffee page to see those options.

Is your flavored coffee gluten-free?
Yes. All of our flavored coffee varieties are created with gluten-free flavor additives. As always, though, please consult your physician if you have a severe allergy.

Is your flavored coffee keto-friendly?
Yes. All of our flavored coffee varieties are free of sugar, so they can be consumed as part of a keto diet.

Is your flavored coffee vegan?
While Omar’s coffees are not currently certified by a third-party organization, they are vegan and do not contain any animal products or byproducts. (One exception: our Cinnamon Sticky Bun coffee, which is sometimes offered as a flavor of the month, is NOT vegan.)

Is your flavored coffee kosher?
Yes. All of Omar’s coffee varieties are certified kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission.

Does your flavored coffee contain any allergens?
All Omar coffees are free of allergens, including: milk/dairy products, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish protein, shellfish, sesame seeds, and mustard. However, if you have severe allergies, please consult your physician!

More Questions About Flavored Coffee

What is Omar’s best-selling coffee flavor?
Our classic Hazelnut is typically the top-selling flavored coffee each year. Customers also go nuts for Snickerkicker (which combines the flavors of Hazelnut, cinnamon, and chocolate), and many say they’re crazy for the tropical taste of Jamaican Me Crazy!

Why is my flavored coffee fresher when I buy it from Omar?
Omar has tons of flavored coffee options—and every single one of them is as fresh as can be when it gets to your door. Most “big brand” bagged coffee has been sitting for weeks on the grocery store shelves…or in a warehouse…or in transport! This process can take weeks and often means the coffee beans undergo several temperature changes along the way. But Omar roasts our beans fresh every day and ships your order out quickly, ensuring that your flavored coffee is fresh and delicious when it reaches you.

Can I pick up my flavored coffee instead of having it shipped?
Yes, we offer free curbside pickup at our headquarters: 41 Commerce Ct, Newington, CT. Just choose “Curbside Pick-Up” at checkout.

I buy the same flavored coffee every month! Can I set up an ongoing subscription?
Yes! We offer automatic monthly subscriptions for all of our coffees, as well as a Flavored Coffee of the Month subscription so that you’ll never miss an exclusive flavor. Get the details on how subscriptions work.

Do you ever offer discounts on your flavored coffee?
Sign up for our email list to receive a 20% off coupon that can be used on your next online purchase of flavored coffee and more! We’ll also send you an exclusive discount code each month.

I have another question about your flavored coffee. How can I contact you?
Send us an email via our online form or give us a call at 1-800-394-6627 (local: 860-667-8889). The Omar team will be happy to help!