About Omar Coffee Company

Can a coffee company encapsulate the spirit of New England? We think so. Founded in 1937 by an immigrant pursuing the American dream, The Omar Coffee Company was born of one family’s hard work and dedication. Our roots have given us the determination to overcome adversities; our vision for the future has helped us stay in touch with quickly changing customer tastes. With this balance, we embrace both time-honored coffee roasting and brewing methods as well as new technological advances. We still believe that the personal touch cannot be removed from the roasting process – a belief that’s proven in the quality of every cup.

Located in Newington, Connecticut, Omar Coffee Company is where the finest coffee beans from all over the world come together in a single place, where they are carefully roasted to bring out the most aromatic flavors, and where they are lovingly packaged before they reach their next destination – whether that’s your kitchen counter or the shelf of a grocery store. At heart, we’re a boutique coffee roaster; the addition of institutional-level capabilities lets us meet your coffee demands of any size, at any time.

Make every cup outstanding – make it Omar.